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We are a post production audio facility located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, on West Ohio Street. We are sound specialists for commercials, film, TV, radio, web, video games, and interactive projects. We’ve been creating sound for more than 30 years. From footsteps made with baking soda to enhance your favorite creepy movie, to layering the right number of explosives to create a classic BOOM in your video game, we create those sounds and feelings. There is no medium we don’t work on.

At Noisefloor, our goal is to tell your story through the use of sound. We do that through conventional methods like mixing, recording, and sound design. Of course, we’ve also been known to smash random objects just to get that perfect sound.


Starting with just two sound designers in 2005, Noisefloor has grown to a strong thirteen member staff of sound designers, music composers, producers, audio implementators, mixers and location recordists. The team has brought experience, passion, and talent to such projects as: Hoop Dreams, Apollo 13, The Merry Gentleman, The Moleman of Belmont Avenue, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and the Halo video games series. Spanning advertising, gaming, audio books, television and film, Noisefloor’s client list ranges from Coca Cola to EGO to The Big Ten Network to Warner Brothers.


Sound Solutions

Recording (Narration, VO, ADR, Loop Group)
Podcast creation and mastering
Sound Design
Mixing for web through theatrical
M & E Creation
Upmixing and Downmixing
Patches (Video Conference, Skype, Phone, Source Connect)
Immersive audio design
Video Game Design and Implementation

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Music Solutions

Original Composition
Custom Songwriting and Jingles
Sonic Branding
Entirely Customize-able, Boutique Music Library
Music Supervision, Search and Licensing of artists to external libraries

Location Solutions

Script Breakdown
Production Sound Pre Pro
Location Mixer
Boom Operator
Multichannel Recording and Mixing
Wireless Solutions
Custom Sound Kits
Equipment Rentals





320 W. Ohio St., Suite 440
Chicago, IL 60654







Stephanie Fay

I can’t recommend Noisefloor enough. Their communication in addition to swift workflow allow each project to be completed in a timely manner. As a client, I felt my needs were of the utmost importance. Thank you Noisefloor.

Greg Krajewski

Noisefloor really is the best! They’re team is always accommodating, hospitable, energetic, and willing to do what it takes to produce the highest quality audio. I’ve worked with both their mixers (many throughout the years) as well as their composer and no matter who it is, they never cease to amaze me with what they’re able to produce. Highly recommend!

Rob Kaczmark

I have been working with Noisefloor for over 7 years. They are the best in the business. Audio always sounds better when they have their hands on it. They have done countless sound mixes on my videos, sound design and location sound. Not only is the quality second to none, they are super great to work with.