Guiding the audience to connect with your creative vision through music

Music is an unspoken language that guides and heightens the viewer’s emotions. Creating original music is the very heart of NoiseFloor’s music services. It inspires us to create new sounds with fresh approaches, feeds fresh tracks to our customizable library, and enables us to collaborate with amazing storytellers. We respond to the ebb, flow, and chaos of the creative process, with an artistic openness and unwavering drive to be your true musical partner.

We believe that the highest quality custom music allows for the composer and sound designer to be unified in the work they do on your project. This means our in house composer will work in tandem with the sound designer to make the strongest end product possible.

Composing music for all the different types of multimedia is much like being fluent in a plethora of very specific dialects. So bring us any spot, story, game, scene, or experience, and let NoiseFloor Music elevate your creative vision.

Great brand recognition sticks with you like a catchy song hook

At NoiseFloor, we create commercial music with an earnest, inventive and authentic approach. We have an insatiable appetite for the challenges that fluid creative and tight deadlines pose. We are adept at rolling with the flow of client approval and direction changes.

NoiseFloor is here to craft your brand’s musical identity, elevate your campaign’s style, and most importantly, make sure your messaging sticks.

We prioritize the symbiotic relationship of music & narrative content

The tools for making music for films, episodic series, and documentaries are now more accessible than ever. Yet the ability to musically elevate your story, sync perfectly to your picture, create memorable themes and develop a project’s authentic sonic identity are still rare.

The work we do together will seamlessly interweave itself and breathe new energy into each and every project.

Your story deserves a collaborator that truly understands the symbiotic relationship that narrative content and music have.

NoiseFloor consistently delivers within budget, on time and on tone.

NoiseFloor creates songs that are complex, simple, sprawling and effective all at the same time

The craft of songwriting expands the spoken word and grounds it in music. Our custom songwriting process is focused on the principle of always serving the song, whether it’s for your emotional climax, a nuanced sweet moment, or a kooky viral video.

We have extensive experience finding the right singers and best musicians to bring an exhilarating energy into our sessions. NoiseFloor will help make the perfect arrangement, melodic, and production choices for your content.

Reactive. Informative. Instantly Memorable.

We are well versed in navigating the challenges of creating and delivering an engaging interactive score. Just as important as the composition and production, is having the practical skills and understanding of how music implementation affects the overall playability and engagement of a game.

From working with industry standards such as Fmod and Wwise, to completely proprietary engines; we have the experience, team, and know-how to implement our music efficiently and effectively.

NoiseFloor can be a member of your audio team that weaves in smoothly and delivers more than just assets.

We are the hunters of musical direction and licensing

Not only do we have our own fully customizable, boutique music library; which has thousands of tracks ready to be quickly licensed or entirely reimagined for your projects needs, we are also available for any music search.

NoiseFloor is ready to hunt through the hordes of production music libraries to find the perfect track within your budget. We empathize that sometimes there is no alternative to a hit tune. We will take on the responsibility of tracking down the rights owners, handling negotiations and the overall clearing of a track for your project.

We are here to be your musical partner, contact us today.


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