Podcasting Studio Connoisseurs

When it comes to Podcasts and Podcast Studios, we are enthusiasts. Whether it is entertainment focused, scripted, educational, or news related, we approach every production with our reservoir of audio knowledge and the technical aspects that are required for this creative storytelling medium.

Noisefloor knows how to take care of recording, casting, editing, sound designing, brand consultation, hosting , as well as working closely with the content creator themselves to insure their stories are being told.

Now, let’s bring that podcast idea you’ve been sitting on to fruition.

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The Audio Book: Casting, Recording, Sound Designing and QC

What fascinates us most about Audio Books is the process of taking something that already exists on paper, casting it, and then orally bringing that story to life. We are able to take on a range of projects whether they be voice only or dramatic, completely built out with sound effects and music.

Noisefloor brings its depth of experience and knowledge to cater to each and every project. Our engineers bring many years of voice direction to every session. This will make sure each word has the feeling and meaning the author intended.

We can’t wait to get started on making powerful sounds with you.

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