Sound for social never sounded catchier

When it comes to Social Media content, we funnel our energy into our vast marketing knowledge. We create innovative music and sound design for online content that immediately captures the attention of the viewer. These platforms are constantly evolving and we believe in growing alongside this technology.

We know and understand the language that goes into keeping up with our technological world.

NoiseFloor looks forward to innovating the online world alongside you.

Immersive Sound AR/VR/360

NoiseFloor places great significance on staying up to date with the newest and most exciting technologies. Our creative juices lead the process while we simultaneously make it all flow cohesively to the binaural beats of your project. We enthusiastically embrace the latest interactive platforms and understand the significance of them in today’s culture.

We approach our work environments with joy, a sense of humor, and a real willingness to enthusiastically conquer challenges. Whether you have a concept for a 360 video or are exploring the nuances of VR, we are the team to help you accomplish your goals.

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