NoiseFloor is an audio facility located in the heart of Chicago with a team of passionate and experienced audio professionals ready to utilize sound to tell the story. Whether it’s creating just the right footstep with baking soda to make a video game more realistic; pumping up the LFE in a scene to create more tension in a film; or finding the right musical accent to make an audience cry, every sound tells a story.


Two crazy guys who wanted to build an audio facility that dared to put round pegs in square holes established NoiseFloor in 2005. Despite the “youngness” of the company, the duo brings together over 30 years of audio related awesomeness working on projects like: Hoop Dreams, The Untouchables, Apollo 13, Star Wars the Old Republic, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, and the Olympics. They also have a diverse group of clients ranging from Coca Cola to Sony, to KFC to Warner Brothers. Besides post audio, NoiseFloor goes out on location to bring the best audio from the Drum Corps International Championships, Michael Douglas and Friends, and has even recorded Rascal Flatts live.


With a multitude of audio skills and creatives under one roof, NoiseFloor offers sound design and mixing, ADR, music composition, foley, and location audio to name a few. NoiseFloor’s dynamic talents allow versatility and the ability to work on a variety of mediums including: independent films, podcasts, video games, TV/radio spots and even live events. NoiseFloor brings it’s imagination, elasticity, and boundlessness to every project.

NoiseFloor Jabber
  • July 24: Music News Imogen Heap Made Her New Single Using A Running App She Designed
  • July 9: Scopia check out a review of the film we are currently in the last stages of completing. Scopia Review
  • July 8: Director Kevin Banna has been nominated (BEST DIRECTOR) for his visionary work in the film, DON’T CALL ME BABY, debuting this Saturday, July 12 at the Prairie State Film Festival. NoiseFloor had the pleasure of providing sound design and final mix on this short. Congratulations Kevin.
  • June 27: New Feature Check out the trailer to the latest feature we're working on! Lot's of people die. Scopia
  • June 24: Great article in Screen today

    Drew Brees

  • June 12: Music searching madness going on today.
  • June 11: This a fun little piece Stosh did for the Onion Labs & VMware
  • June 6: Had a great time at The Escape Pod party. Great to see everyone. Thanks for the hangovers.

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