Stosh Tuszynski

Sound Designer/Mixer

Stosh Tuszynski joined Noisefloor as a Sound Designer in 2011. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Stosh brings a vast array of creative and technical skills to the team. He has a passion for recording custom sound effects and bending and morphing them into unique creations for every job. Stosh has worked on AAA video games like Destiny 2 and Injustice: Gods Among Us; TV Series like Transparent and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan; Award winning films like When Jeff Tried to Save the World and; as well as with commercial clients like Ford, Nike, Pediasure, and Nespresso.

With a strong computer background, Stosh maintains Noisefloor’s technical infrastructure and helps to keep the company on the forefront of creative and collaborative audio tools. In his offtime, Stosh enjoys woodworking, hiking, and traveling… always with a microphone in hand!