At Noisefloor, we have a dedicated, multidisciplinary, audio process that gets your film’s soundtrack ready to jump off of a screen, fill a theater and engage your audience. Your film is unique and because of that, your sound and music should be too.

We love film and, more importantly, love supporting the filmmaking community. Our list of credits is always growing, with films big, small and everything in between. From poignant documentaries to indie darlings to time traveling sci fi epics. We take an individualized approach in our trusted and battle tested process to ensure your film’s final mix translates mediums, immerses your viewers and most importantly, tells your story.

So scroll along with us, as we show you, step by step, how our team of award winning sound designers, composers, editors, foley artists, location recordists, post coordinators, engineers and sound folks all come together to collaborate and elevate your film.


NoiseFloor script

Historically post production sound wasn’t even a part of the discussion in pre-production. Here at Noisefloor we start that early. Breaking down a script, counting mic setups, looking for sound moments that will need capture on set for post, estimating the production and post audio budgets, creating a schedule and assigning roles to our team members are a few of the vital things we do early on in pre-production.


closeup of guitar

The right music choices elevate your storytelling. We serve that story by creating thoughtful, memorable, and moving custom music. Our scores are produced with a versatile musicaility, an artistic openness and a hardy knowledge of technology. From contemporary hits to complete unknowns, we additionally handle music supervision and clearance for your film. On top of that, we have our own customizable music library ready for licensing!


Screen display of editing software

Your story is the most important part of your film and it should never be understated. Dialogue is your primary tool for communicating your story to your audience. That is why a clean dialogue edit is paramount to your film’s story arc, plot advancement and audience engagement. It’s our balance of an extreme attention to detail, technical skills and years of experience that bring a dialogue track from eh, good enough to theater ready!

Sound Design

closeup of piano keyboard

Sound Design is similar to sound effects, but just a little bit different. Why? Because, often, just needs a little more, heck sometimes it needs a lot more. Sound design can be that big enhancement, or very subtle layer that expands the entire sonic palette of your film. At Noisefloor, we aren’t beholden to some stock library. We craft sound design creatively, efficiently, and lovingly. We know it is key in facilitating the suspension of disbelief, it’s a true story telling tool. Remember the eye sees what the ear hears, so those monsters need to roar, explosions need to go boom, and those dramatic motions better whoosh and swoosh!

Final Mix

Hand on sound board controls

Every hour of creative energy leads up to this point… the final mix (*cue epic music hit). All that matters from this point forward is that the soundtrack playing back over the speakers is telling your story, suspending disbelief and immersing your viewers. We ride in those final tweaks and make sure everything pops just right. You and your team will get to hear how your film will actually sound when it’s being seen and heard by your audience; be it streaming on the web, a film fest or a world-wide theatrical release.

Location Sound

audio recorder

Capturing the best location sound for your film is the first step towards a great sounding film. Our team is well versed in production audio mixing, boom operation, and capturing any production sound effects that might be needed. We have all the gear; from sound mixers and recorders, to wireless kits and slates.


Screen display of editing software

You may not directly notice a fantastic execution of backgrounds, but you will surely feel it. Backgrounds are the tones, drones, and sounds that give you a sense of realism and space. It’s more than room tone, it’s a subtle, yet heavily nuanced bed of sound that immerses your viewer into the story.

Loop Group


A rowdy bar, an active day at the beach, a classy restaurant, and small town church. What do they all have in common? People, and people make noise, especially with their mouths. Loop group is the process of recreating that sense of realism by adding true contingency. In other words, we cram a bunch of actors into a booth and have them talk out all those background players. No stock sound effect can replace that extra layer of humanity and authenticity.


closeup of shoes

It’s a truly subtle artform that recreates every single, itty bitty sound that characters make on screen. Foley creates a true aura of authenticity. We have more props than a giant flea market! Everything from clothes, chains, shoes, armor, hammers, glass, giant bananas, dirt, grass, ice, and even a staircase!


hard drive

The mix is done and the project sounds great but the work is not done. Delivering the mixes in the proper way is one of the most critical things that we do.  Understanding file formats, mix types and delivery specs is vital for great sounding playback of the project. We understand how to successfully deliver and create all of your masters. Whether it’s the web, a movie theater, a TV, a streaming service, DCP or an M&E for foreign distribution, we have you covered.


Screen display of editing software

If you want your audio post production process to pop, it all starts with a strong spotting session. We break down your film’s soundtrack needs scene by scene. This is where creative collaboration and communication is key. Together, we map out your film’s sonic blueprint. We make sure our first steps are in the right direction (but more about footsteps later!).



Listen, no one is perfect. Sometimes an actor said it wrong, sometimes the script changes, or even sometimes, that little piece of dialogue just can’t be cleaned up due to a noise on set. Thankfully we have a solution for that, ADR. We have the space, the mics, and recording expertise to replace that dialog smoothly and efficiently. Even when an actor is out of town, we can patch your talent in from anywhere in the world to create a better sounding story. 

Sound Effects

screenshot of audio editing software

One of our main goals in post audio is to create an illusion of realism, and sound effects are one of the primary tools in maintaining and strengthening that illusion. Between door slams, smashes and crashes of daily life, and technology blooping and beeping constantly, objects make a lot of noise. In the sound effects process, we recreate and record the real stuff, adding a sense natural continuity making the sonic nature of your film more genuinely believable.


Closeup of audio controls

We believe setting a foundation is key to having a successful and smooth mix. Between music, foley, sound effects, sound design, backgrounds and dialogue; there are a ton of elements and disciplines merging together all at once. We take the time to prepare and balance all of these elements in an essential process that we call the Premix. Our goal is to not only correct sonic issues early, but also address your creative changes and ideas. Pre-mix is a principal part of ensuring your film’s mix is set up for success.


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