Jamie Vanadia

Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer/Partner

Starting out with banging pots and pans, Jamie Vanadia was always drawn to the world of music and sound.​ At age 5, he started his life long love of the drums and started taking lessons. ​In the years to come, ​Vanadia played drums professionally with Zen Lounge, Spirit​ Hour, CopperMinds, Julie Dutchak and Plan B​, Shifter and Curveball​. In each of these bands, he used his songwriting and composing skills for original material. ​​​In addition to his passion for ​music, he is also an avid ​audio enthusiast.​ During his teens, ​he ​began mixing live sound for his father’s Top 30 Band, Variety.​ He soon became the recordist and engineer for many of his band’s musical releases. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Sound, he acquired his first industry job at The Audio Source as a Mastering Engineer​.​​ He found his love of radio while he was producing radio shows on reel to reel machines. Transitioning into post-production audio, he joined the audio team at Avenue Edit. For​ th​e next decade, Jamie used his widespread audio expertise to produce creative sound design and mixes for clients like Budweiser, Hallmark and Microsoft. He also oversaw full development of multiple studios at Avenue Edit and collaborated with architects and technicians to determine proper room layout, technical design, and aesthetics. This experience would later enable Jamie to build Noisefloor from the ground up. Unique, warm, family, friendly, and humorous, these are the core ideas that he would use to create Noisefloor. Jamie works on an abundance of different post sound and sound design projects ranging from national TV commercials for a variety of clients such as ​EGO and UHC, sound re-recording for independent films s​u​ch a​s​ Sustainable and The Stylist​, mobile apps, and video games​ like Injustice​. Jamie is an active member of the Motion Picture Sound Editors Guild  MPSE. Today, Jamie shares his love of movies with his wife Kate, daughter Kallie and dog Blizzard.