Laura Rouser

Associate Creative Producer

Laura grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She knew she wanted to work behind the scenes in TV and film at 7 years old when her stage fright killed any broadway dreams. She studied Television Film and Media Studies at California State University Los Angeles where she learned the ins and outs of production. In college, she worked as the assistant to the production coordinator at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, which set her on a path of production management. After college, she worked on several short films with Pigrat Productions before working on TruTV’s You Can Do Better. Laura has produced shows for The BrewDog Network and DrinkTV, coordinated for National Geographic’s Brain Games on the Road, was a research associate producer for Game Show Network’s Common Knowledge and People Puzzler, a casting associate producer for Floor is Lava on Netflix and The Big Fib on Disney+. Laura joined NoiseFloor after moving to Chicago in 2021. As Associate Creative Producer, Laura will be working with clients on estimates that fit their needs, casting voice-over talent, and making sure the team is on track for their deadlines. When she’s not working, Laura likes to go to the movies and walk around and explore Chicago.